Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

Living in a Conservation Area or indeed a Listed Building does not necessarily mean that any alteration or extension you may wish for is out of the question. Whilst Conservation Areas were established to protect what is generally known as "the cherished local scene", they have only limited implications on the need for planning consent. Other than the normal planning constraints within conservation areas, the additional restrictions apply mainly to demolition and work affecting trees.

Many owners or prospective purchasers of Listed Buildings believe they can't alter or extend the property. Many people mistakenly think that development in a Conservation Area or involving a Listed Building may be difficult and costly, which is often not the case.

Internal alterations to Listed Buildings do not always require consent. Above all, the key to any such work is to respect the historic fabric of a building. Through sympathetic design and the careful use of appropriate materials, alterations can successfully be achieved.

Giving planning advice on conservation matters and Listed Buildings is a specialism that WPD is pleased to offer. We aim to engage with all the relevant agencies in the early stages of the design process in order to ensure a smooth progression through the planning system.

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